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Dover sole “Diamond Jubilee” - in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Dover sole “Diamond Jubilee” - in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Poached Dover sole, apple, fennel and truffle salad, salsify and Port wine sauce with caviar oil


Serves 2

  • Dover sole 18/20 (340g) X 2
  • Meat glue
  • Panchetta 6 slices

The Sauce

  • Unsalted butter 25 g
  • Pink Paris mushrooms 30 g
  • Sliced shallots 30 g
  • Fennel heads (use trim from julienne) 30 g
  • Bouquet garni 1 number
  • Chicken stock 50 ml
  • Beef glace 50 ml
  • Red wine 50 ml
  • Ruby port 50ml

The Garnish

  • Salsify 5 × 3 inch spears
  • Clarified butter – to fry
  • Julienne of fennel ½ head
  • Julienne Granny Smith apple ½ number
  • Fennel pollen seasoning 1 pinch (50 % salt, 40% * * Fennel pollen, 10% freshly milled white pepper)
  • Vinaigrette 2 ml
  • Dill 1 flat table spoon
  • Turners Caviar oil 5 ml


Carefully double fillet the Dover soles and then dust them with the meat glue and then the thinly cut truffles followed by a little more glue. Trim up the fish and vacuum pac and leave for 3 hours – use cling film if there is no vac packer. Poach the fish water for about 7 minutes 80 degree’s Celsius. Remove form the packet and sprinkle with the fennel pollen seasoning.

The sauce

Gently fry the bones and fish trim in the butter with a little colour and then add the mushrooms, shallots and bouquet garni. Add the liquids and reduce the sauce to consistency and adjust the seasoning where necessary and pass through a fine sieve.

The garnish

Peel the salsify and cook it in boiling salted water with a lemon until tender and then refresh in iced water. Pan fry the salsify in a non stick pan with clarified butter until golden brown and season.

Cut away the fennel from the stem and cut off the stem (use for the sauce) and then cut into fine julienne. Cut the apple and truffle into julienne and mix with the fennel – season and add a little vinaigrette.

To plate

Place the salsify neatly on the plate and lay the fish on top. Place the salad down the centre of the fish and then spoon on the sauce. Lastly drizzle on the caviar oil and serve.