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Product Development

You may need a food consultant or research and development chef to appraise your
business or product and help you make important decisions about the future.

I have a unique track record and using my extensive industry knowledge I can help
you find the appropriate expert to go ‘back to the floor’ to guide you on the path of

I have been a professional chef for 25 years at the highest standard hotels and
restaurants. I am very creative and have strong marketing idea’s which can be used to
drive businesses forward.

Sometimes manufacturers do not realise the full potential of their product or even the
way it can be used in the hotel and catering sector.
I have the experience to offer you clear directions of where to take your business in
this sector and I also have the ability to promote and indorse the products. This can
include marketing drives in association with or by representation by
simplyandrew turner.

Products in which I endorse

Turners caviar oil

Meat Glue