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Andrew Turner can support and advise pubs, restaurants and hotels and well as
outside catering businesses. I work one on one with CEO’s, food and beverage,
finance and operations directors and of course especially the chefs.

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Planning menus

One has to be able to maintain established business but also have the option to offer
new customers something original – this keeps the old and the new returning for
more. The offering must be consistent, easy to deliver, seasonal and well balanced.
Through my experiences in the industry I can advise over most types of cuisines and
concepts as well as developing concepts for new businesses.
As a culinary advisor I have the ability to create food offerings that work in harmony
with some regular dishes, signature dishes and if feasible some “wow” dishes. The
whole experience should be memorable from start to finish and the customer should
be completely satisfied. The dishes would also be created to work in line with the staff
payroll costs of each property.
The menus will be seasonal and can be changed daily, weekly or monthly. I can
also provide recipes with training if required so the team can perform to the highest

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Menu Planning and Delivery

Menus need to evolve as the business grows. Sometimes it is easy to forget that
menus need to be in keeping with modern day life and eating habits. Firstly check
how your menu is performing on the top and bottom line. Sometimes it’s as simple as
making the dishes sound more attractive and appealing and sometimes it is a case of
looking at the product itself.
I would work with the establishment to create clear guidelines for purchasing and
working with suppliers. How to effectively manage the top and bottom line to
maximise profitability and growth.

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Recipe Design

This business is competitive in every sense so recipe design needs to be done to meet
the requirements of each establishment. The recipes would cover all the bases and
these would be standardised with the ingredients to maximise the full potential of the
design. A tasting would be required of a cross spectrum of the dishes and this would
need to be done over a period of a few months during the week ends only. These
dishes could also be given to a few regulars to get some feed back – some tweaking
might be required at this point.

Food Quality and the Procurement

You need to have many years in the industry to learn about the best products on the
market and where and when to buy them. The best product you can buy takes the
minimum amount of input to serve and the maximum output in guest satisfaction,
delivery and consistency. The right choices make for the best quality, great profits and
maximum satisfaction.
With 25 years of cooking experience I can negotiate and secure great deals, fixed
prices over a set period. This will allow your chef to budget effectively and will make
sure sales prices can remain competitive at all times.

Beluga Caviar


Each establishment would be required to cost each recipe in line with its suppliers to
the specification provided.
The trick to having a successful menu is to make sure that the balance is right
for offering value and a seasonal changing menu where the profit margins can be
managed. Menu engineering is a great way of pushing the top line and managing the
bottom line based of low cost and high profit dishes affording luxury items with lower
Each establishment will be responsible for managing their food cost however a bi
annual check is strongly recommended to keep the business in check.

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Other area’s that could benefit discussion

  • Kitchen design and layout
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Health and hygiene

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